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[千赢国际手机官网下载安装]Electric Light Sources

Ever since Edison invented the incandescent lamp, tungsten has been used in lighting for more than 100 years. From its original thermal radiation source to a more efficient gas discharging light source, tungsten as the core material of electric light source has never faltered. The emergence of electroluminescent light source subverts the general understanding of the light source material by the people, but, tungsten as the core material of the light source will exist for a long time. Tungsten materials are also widely used in a variety of electrical vacuum devices, including magnetrons, and high voltage rectifiers.

Xiamen Honglu can provide customers with the core components of electric light source products, including high-purity tungsten, doped-tungsten rod or bar, wire and finished parts. Xiamen Honglu also focus on other auxiliary core components, including arc tube of ceramic halide.